Well Hey There –

My name is Frank, and I am what you could call the typical suburban, All-American father.
My Saturdays are split between my son’s sports games and college football, I like to consider myself a grill-master and my weekdays are filled working from 8 until 5.

I’m a protective man, and I care about my home. It serves as a place where my family comes together, my children play and I work. I only want my family to experience the best, and I am a dedicated consumer who hope to provide them with nothing less.

My wife follows a few popular “Mommy-Blogs” and though I initially thought they were a time filler, my mind was changed when my wife whipped our budget into shape, redecorated our home and had new and exciting meals on the table every night. From that moment on my opinion on blogging changed, and I began my hunt to find the Father-Blog to make me into the internet-age Andy Griffith.

What I found was nothing. Few fathers were going online to share their experiences, grilling tips or to talk about services they used like their wives did. As an evolved man, I found this strange and started this journey to be a pioneer in the Father-Blog sphere. Heck, if Dad-bods are now cool, Dad-Blogs could be next.

So here I am, sharing my life with you with the hope that it will help you and your family.